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Effective Coaching Skills

October 1, 2016 Jim 0

Effective Coaching Skills   Coaching focuses on developing skills and improving the performance of others. However, to be an effective coach, you must also build […]

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Types of Coaching

September 15, 2016 Jim 0

Types of Coaching Coaching is used in sports, business, and personal life. The focus and approach of coaching can vary depending on the arena in […]

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Skill and Will

May 17, 2016 Jim 0

Using the Skill Will Matrix The Skill Will matrix is used to identify the person’s combination of skill level and willingness to accomplish a specific […]

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Differences Coaching Mentoring

April 28, 2016 Jim 0

Differences Coaching Mentoring People often use the terms “coaching” and “mentoring” interchangeably. However, they represent two separate and distinct types of functions and relationships. They […]

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GROW Model for Coaching

March 23, 2016 Jim 0

The GROW Model for Coaching   The GROW Model for coaching is one of the most established models in the coaching industry. The model can […]

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Coaching Model

March 11, 2016 Jim 0

Coaching Model   What is a Coaching Model? A Coaching Model is a method designed to guide an individual through a process from where they […]

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Coaching for Performance

March 10, 2016 Jim 0

Coaching for Performance   Coaching is facilitating the performance and guiding the development of another person in order for them to achieve his or her […]

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Effective Feedback

September 7, 2015 Jim 0

Effective Feedback   10 Tips for Effective Feedback When giving a person feedback on his/her performance, it is important to do it in a way […]

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September 14, 2011 Jim 0

Coaching in Business   What is Coaching? Coaching is facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another in order for them to achieve his or […]