Mind Mapping Tips

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Mind Mapping Tips


A is a visual representation or diagram of information that has a central idea surrounded by connected branches of associated topics.

A mind map is used to:

  • display connections between concepts
  • generate ideas, or
  • classify information


A mind map is usually a multi-colored diagram containing words and images that are connected in various ways. The information on a mind map is arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts.




The following is a list of Mind Mapping Tips:

  • Use just key words or simple phrases.


  • Put key words and main ideas on lines, in boxes, or in circles.  This reinforces the structure of connections.


  • Print rather than write in script.  It makes them more readable and memorable.  Joined writing can be more difficult to read.


  • Use capital letters for main themes and lower case letters for sub-themes


  • Use different sizes and styles of lettering because the size and style of the letters provide insight into the importance and meaning of the word.


  • Use symbols and images as much as you can.  Pictures can aid memory more effectively than words.


  • Vary the thickness and length of the lines used to connect ideas and concepts.


  • Use shapes, circles, and frames to connect information. They are additional tools to help show the groupings and relationships of information


  • Provide as many visual cues as you can to emphasize important points.


  • Use multiple colors to separate ideas, group concepts, associate themes, and to aid in visual stimulation.


  • Use arrows, lines, or other cross links to show connection between different sections.  Information in one part of the Mind Map may relate to another part.  Cross-links help to see how one part of the subject affects another.


  • Think multi-dimensional.  Add a new dimension by drawing boxes around the word or image to add depth.


  • Enclose some branches of a Mind Map with circles or boxes to delineate importance.


  • Use your imagination and be creative.  Creativity aids memory.  Allow your thoughts to come freely.


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