Development Series



Development Series



Our Development Series focuses on enhancing skills and developing a strong mental edge.  The information provided can be applied to various aspects of performance including educational, business, and athletic.  The series is designed to provide information, strategies, and ideas to maximize human performance.

The series is divided into two main sections;

Skill Builder

Mental Conditioning



Skill Builder Series

The skill builder series offers reference information about various skills designed to help improve and maximize performance.  This collection is designed to provide knowledge and insight into key skills that can directly and indirectly affect performance.  Our goal is to help develop individuals so they become more capable, competent, and confident in themselves and their performance.  The set includes such skills as leadership, team building, time management, goal setting, decision making, problem solving, and change management.




Mention Conditioning

The mention conditioning section involves building our mental attitude and mental strength.  The mental conditioning aspect focuses on our thoughts and beliefs in order to enhance our mental strength.  This section is designed to help individuals attain the mental strength necessary to bypass obstacles in route to achieving their goals.  This section concentrates on building self esteem, self confidence and mental toughness as well as reducing stress and anxiety.



Tool Box

The Development Series also provides a Tool Box with tools, techniques, and strategies designed to enhance an individual’s or team’s ability and improve their performance.  This sections provides checklists, forms, tests, and other tools to help improve performance.

The Tool box is divided into three areas;

  • Learning
  • Analytical
  • Personal Effectiveness


The Learning section provides tools to help;

  •  determine preferred learning styles
  • memory through techniques such as mnemonics and acronyms
  • breakdown and chunk information
  • determine personal learning preferences
  • create study strategies


The Analytical section provides tools to help;

  • Mind map
  • Brainstorm
  • Analyze problems
  • Determine impact analysis
  • Develop solutions and make decisions


The Personal Effectiveness section provides tools to help;

  •  Set personal goals
  • Create positive habits
  • Determine emotional intelligence
  • Manage time
  • Organize tasks




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