Coaching for Performance Excellence



Coaching is facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another in order for them to achieve his or her fullest potential.

Coaching has the ability to unlock human potential at all levels of performance.  It can be done on-on-one or within a group.  Coaching can help improve a physical skill, like in a sport, or a mental skill, like job function or test taking.


Coaching Performance

There are several different types of coaching including coaching for sports, life, personal growth, career, and business.  The overall goal of coaching is to unlock a person’s potential so that they can maximize their own performance.  The coaching methods focus on;

  • an individual’s or a teams goals
  • close observation
  • analysis of performance
  • building awareness of a behavior
  • positive and non-judgmental feedback on performance
  • enabling people to change behaviors


Business Coaching

Business coaching extends performance improvement beyond traditional training methods.  Traditional training focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies for individuals who are attempting to acquire the basic understanding in order to perform his or her job functions.  Coaching extends that learning process beyond the traditional classroom training by continuously analyzing and providing feedback on performance.

An organization may have formal coaching programs for all their employees involving peers, supervisors and/or managers.  Coaching may also occur in an informal relationship within an organization between one individual who has greater expertise than another and offers advice, support, and direction.  Either way, the goal of business coaching is to provide support to an individual or a group in order to improve the effectiveness of their business.  As a business strategy, coaching can change an organization’s culture and increase productivity.


Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching’s goal is to improve technique and performance.  The coaching process evolves analyzing performance and objectively providing feedback on that performance.  Often the coach will direct or instruct the individual or group on a specific way to act, behave, or perform.  They will also give suggestions on performance techniques.


Personal Growth or Life Coaching

The purpose of the coaching for personal growth is to help them move forward from their present situation.  Personal or life coaching often involves a style in which the coach asks questions and offer opportunities that will challenge the individual to find answers from within him or herself.  Its purpose is to draws out a person’s potential rather than attempt to put knowledge into a person.  The process is more reflective rather than directive.  This method of coaching facilitates the learner to discover answers based on their values, preferences, and perspective.


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