Adult Learning

Adult Learning Principles

Principle Action
Adults want to know why they should learn a particular topic Tell them the benefit to them
Adults need to take responsibility Inform learners of their responsibilities
Adults bring experience to learning Relate/integrate new information to his/her experience or existing knowledge
Learners have significant past experiences Allow the learner to share his/her experiences
Adults bring experience to learning Draw upon learners’ experiences as a resource
Adults have preferences and prejudices Allow learner to verbalize his or her point of view
Learning is facilitated when the learner has some control over teaching processes Involve learners in planning the learning activities
Adults are task-oriented Organize content around tasks, not subjects
Adults generally learn best in an atmosphere that is nonthreatening Set a risk free climate, and make learning fun and enjoyable
Adult learning should be problem and experience centered Create scenarios allowing learners to problem solve
Adults learn best by solving problems they can associate with their reality Focus on “real world” problems
Adults generally learn best if they can validate their learning Provide opportunities for dialogue among the group, and allow debate and challenge of ideas
Adults learn at different speeds and through different methods Be flexible and use a variety of training activities
Adults like to learn through discussions Foster a spirit of collaboration in the learning setting
Adults want to know how they will use the information Emphasize how learning can be applied
Adults enjoy active learning create small group exercises and moving around the room
Adults generally learn best in an environment in which different learning styles are recognized use a variety of teaching strategies
Adults want to understand the scope before they are involved in the learning process Give the big picture first then the details
Adults expect to be able to use what they learn immediately (not later in life) Make information applicable to them
Adults need feedback and constructive criticism focus on building the person not tearing them down
Learners need to apply what the learned Allow the learners to apply information immediately
Adults want to be treated with respect Listen to and respect the opinions of learners
Adults want to be treated as adults Treat learners like adults
Adults like to laugh Make learning fun




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