Training and Learning



Training and Learning



Business Training


Training is a development process designed to improve performance.  It is a combination of specific activities that lead to skilled behavior.  Simply stated, training is learning perform a behavior.  There are different types of training.  The two main divisions are mental and physical training.


Business Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of teaching vocational skills, concepts, and information that relates to job functions.  Business training is most often provided for a person’s present job and not future job functions, as may be the case with coaching and mentoring.  Business training includes teaching new personnel to perform their job, introducing a new technology or procedures to existing staff, or helping an employee to achieve specific standards of proficiency in his or her job functions.


Business training is a learning and development process which refers to the acquisition of specific skills, abilities, and knowledge to improve employee performance.  Generally, training programs entail organized activity aimed at imparting information to improve an individual or groups performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.



Business Learning


Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created.  Learning may occur consciously as part of formal education, training, study, or experience.  It may also occur without conscious awareness through personal experience. 

People learn all the time, from everything around them.  However, some situations and circumstances are more conducive to learning than others.  There are strategies and methods to help ensure that the learning we wish to encourage does happen.


Our Business Learning section focuses on increasing our knowledge by providing information about how learning occurs as well as strategies that enhance learning and retention.  We provide tools and instruments to assess personal learning styles, personality preferences and preferred learning conditions. 

If individual learning is not periodically reinforced, it becomes less and less over time, and eventually will be forgotten by that individual.



Learning Strategies

Principles of Learning



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