Re-Entering The Workplace

How To Achieve Good Workplace Performance When Re-Entering The Workplace

If you’ve been out of work for some time, the prospect of starting a new job and re-entering the workplace can be an extremely daunting one. Being unemployed is a huge knock to your self-esteem and it can be hard to get your confidence back to where it was. The main worry is that you won’t perform well in your new role, or that it might take you some time to dust yourself off and get your head back into working mode. The longer you have been out of work, the harder it seems to get back into it.

Take The Time To Reassess Before You Dive In

While you are out of work, there are a number of benefits available while you are unemployed. Whatever your reason for your unemployment, whether you were made redundant or chose to take time out to care for your children or an elderly relative, make sure you reassess your employment options. Your interests, as well as the job market, are likely to have changed dramatically during a lengthy career hiatus.

Do What You Do Best When Re-Launching Yourself

The best way to ensure that land back in the working world with a bang is to do something you’re good at. If you follow your passion you are automatically going to feel far more at ease which is a great starting point. If you focus on what you’re good at, rather than the areas where you could improve, you will quickly build your confidence in your new role.

Prepare To Make An Impression

Being prepared and doing your research can both go a long way in cementing your confidence ahead of your return to work. You will feel much more at ease with the transition from unemployment to employment if you create an action plan for success ahead of time. Starting a new job is an exciting time. Companies are always looking for fresh opinions and innovative ideas. After having a career break, you are in a unique position to be able to inject a fresh, new and exciting prospective. Doing something that pushes you out of your comfort zone every day is a great confidence boost. If you can pluck up the courage to speak up in meetings and pitch ideas, it is going to reinforce the idea of what a great employee you have the potential to become.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Doubt and uncertainty are not very nice emotions to be experiencing, but a certain degree of hesitation is normal when starting something new and is something that can even be turned to your advantage. It would be unfair to compare yourself to colleagues that are excelling at their jobs in your eyes when they have been in the role considerably longer than you. Turn this into a positive  and learn from your colleagues in order  to complement your skill set that you have in place already. Be generous and kind to yourself and you will soon feel like a success in the workplace again.

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