Tool Box

The Tool Box


Our Tool Box provides devices, mechanisms, and strategies designed to enhance an individual’s or team’s ability and improve and maximize performance.


Our tool box offer tools to;

  • help analyze and evaluate situations and performance elements
  • improve learning and develop learning strategies
  • enhance personal effectiveness




The Tool box is divided into three areas;

  • Learning
  • Analytical
  • Personal Effectiveness



The learning segment offers tools and strategies to improve learning. Tools include learning style indictors, Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), multiple Intelligence, and brain dominance, note taking, and chunking information.



The analytical section includes mechanisms to measure, evaluate, and analyze performance.  The section provides SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, mind mapping, brainstorming, as well as other tools to analyze information, develop solutions and make decisions.


Personal Effectiveness

The personal effectiveness section provides tools to enhance a person’s overall performance by offering guides for goals setting, emotional intelligence, time management, organization, habits creation, and other personal strategies.

Tool Box                       


Learning Styles

                                                Brain dominance

                                                Left Braining vs. Right Brain

                                                Multiple intelligences

                                                Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)





                                                Mind Map


                                                Mintzberg 5

                                                Impact analysis


                        Personal Effectiveness

 Goal setting

                                                Habit Creation

                                                Emotional Intelligence



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