Educational Learning



Our educational learning division’s primary goal is to provide the techniques and strategies to maximize learning and improve educational performance.  We provide information for the learners as well as for teachers, coaches, and trainers.  We focus on maximizing the learner’s ability through assessments tools such as emotional intelligence measurements, learning styles indicators, and personality type indicators.  These tools help assess and gauge the current aptitude level as well as provide insight into possible solutions and techniques for improving individual performance.


We provide various learning strategies and other proven methods to enhance learning and maximize performance.  These include strategies and techniques for learning, studying, memorizing, note taking, and testing.


Personal Effectiveness

Mental Conditioning





Personal Effectiveness This section is part of our Skill Builder collection which is designed to provide knowledge and insight into key skills that can directly and indirectly affect performance.  This series is designed to help individuals learn the practical, straightforward skills and strategies needed to excel in all areas of their life.  It focuses on those skills that can be easily integrated into a person’s daily life; so much so that it improves their overall effectiveness in getting various types tasks and activities completed efficiently and successfully.  Personal effectiveness includes such skill as goal setting, time management, stress management, change management, problem solving, and decision making.
Mental Conditioning This section involves building our mental attitude and mental strength.  It encompasses a wide breadth of factors that affect an individual’s mind set.  The mental conditioning aspect focuses on our thoughts and beliefs in order to enhance our mental strength.  This section is designed to help individuals attain the mental strength necessary to bypass obstacles in route to achieving their goals.  This section concentrates on building self esteem, self confidence and mental toughness as well as reducing stress and anxiety.
Thinking This section focuses on both critical thinking and creative thinking.  This section is designed to help develop an individual’s higher order critical thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, problem solving, and evaluation.  It also delves into includes strategies and techniques to enhance creative thinking.
Learning This section focuses on increasing our knowledge by providing information about how learning occurs as well as strategies that enhance learning and retention.  We provide tools and instruments to assess personal learning styles, personality preferences, and preferred learning conditions.
Teaching This section is designed to assist instructors and trainers in developing a deep understanding of how people learn, so that they can effectively apply and adapt teaching strategies to meet their learner’s needs.  The purpose this section is to present current research and theory on learning in a way that can inform and guide effective teaching practices.

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