Athletic Performance Team


Our athletic performance division focuses on developing both the mental and physical capabilities of a person as well as the connection between them.  Our team enhances both the physical and mental performance by helping to analyze performance gaps and develop solutions allowing individuals to perform at your peak potential.  Our goal is to maximize athletic performance and ultimately create a competitive advantage for individuals and teams.


Our mental conditioning element provides techniques and strategies including positive thinking, concentration, and visualization to develop the mental aspect.  Our physical segment encompasses both nutritional education and fitness.  Nutritional education focuses on eating healthy and getting the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients in the body, while our fitness component is about building the body’s endurance, flexibility, and strength.  Lastly, with our mind-body component focuses on relaxation, breathing, stretching, and other techniques and strategies for developing the mind-body connection.



Physical Development

This section addresses caring for and developing our physical bodies and provides information on ways to improve physical fitness.  The section is comprised of various elements including nutrition, fitness, and relaxation.  The nutrition section centers on healthy choices which provide nutrition and energy as well as getting the correct amount of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins in our diet.  The fitness element is about building our body’s endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Mind Body Connection

This section focuses on muscle relaxation, breathing, mental stimulation, and other techniques for relaxing the body.  We concentrate on understanding the relationship between the mental and physical domains, and how to maximize our overall performance.  The section delves into the main psychological factors that can influence sports performance including stress, anxiety, and self-confidence.

Strategic Management

This section deals with the continuous process that centers on the analysis, decisions, and actions an organization performs in order to create and sustain competitive advantages.  The purpose this section is to present current research and theory on strategic management to allow individuals and organizations to make and implement decisions about the future direction of their organization or team and create a strategic plan to achieve their goals.  It also delves into creating a philosophy and vision for the organization.

Mental Conditioning

This section involves building our mental attitude and mental strength.  It encompasses a wide breadth of factors that affect an individual’s mind set.  The mental conditioning aspect focuses on our thoughts and beliefs in order to enhance our mental strength.  This section is designed to help individuals attain the mental strength necessary to bypass obstacles in route to achieving their goals.  This section concentrates on building self esteem, self confidence and mental toughness as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement is part of our Skill Builder collection which is designed to provide knowledge and insight into key skills that can directly and indirectly affect performance.  The series is divided into two main sections:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness

This series is designed to help develop interpersonal and personal skills including goal setting, problem solving, time management, leadership, team building, and conflict resolution.


This section provides techniques and perspectives on facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another in order for them to achieve his or her fullest potential.  The section is designed to help find ways to unlock human potential at all levels of performance.





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