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Company Structure



Online Resources

The Peak Performance Center offers online reference resources designed to provide guidance to those who are seeking to achieve peak performance by positively impacting performance on the job, in school, or on the playing field. The information provides insight into the factors that affect performance and solutions and techniques to improve performance.

Our programs and services help individuals and organizations to reach their potential. Our focus is to optimize performance and accomplish personal or professional objectives by assessments, coaching, and training.


Our Performance Center

Our Performance Center assists in solving performance problems, realizing performance opportunities, and maximizing performance.   We take a collaborative approach to both identifying and solving performance problems.



Development Series

Our Development Series focuses on enhancing skills and developing a strong mental edge. The information provided can be applied to various aspects of performance including educational, business, and athletic. The series is designed to provide information, strategies, and ideas to maximize human performance. We offer techniques and ideas to enhance an individual’s skills, mental conditioning, and personal effectiveness in an effort to improve overall performance.

Our development programs concentrate on the creation and continuous improvement of skills and competencies necessary for peak performance. We assist in the development of habits and behaviors that will increase individuals and teams level of performance. We encourage you to set challenging goals and systematically achieve those goals as you strive to reach your personal best.



Our Teams

In addition to providing guidance on overall performance dynamics and performance development programs, we concentrate on three distinct areas of performance;

  • Athletics
  • Educational Learning
  • Business


Athletic Performance Team

Our athletic division focuses on developing both the mental and physical capabilities of a person as well as the connection between them. Our team enhances both the physical and mental performance by helping to analyze performance gaps and develop solutions allowing individuals to perform at your peak potential. They focus on mental conditioning, physical development, skill enhancement, coaching, and mind-body connection.


Educational Learning Team

Our educational division’s primary goal is to provide the techniques and strategies to maximize learning and improve educational performance. We focus on maximizing the learner’s ability through assessments tools and learning strategies. These include strategies and techniques for learning, thinking, teaching, studying.


Business Performance Team

Our business performance team focuses on maximize performance through assessment, knowledge building, and coaching. We concentrate on implementing strategies and innovative solutions to positively impact changes in behavior and outcomes in the workplace. We provide information for performance management, strategic management, learning, training, and coaching.




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