Coaching Model



What is a Coaching Model?

A Coaching Model is a method designed to guide an individual through a process from where they are currently to where they want to be.

The purpose of a coaching model is to create a framework for guiding another person through the following steps:

  1. establishing a desired goal
  2. understanding where they are
  3. exploring options for where they are headed
  4. determining what may be obstacles
  5. establishing a plan of action



Benefit of a Coaching Model

Using a coaching model will help you to ensure you have a plan for your coaching session.  It provides a consistent framework for the flow of the conversation. It gives you a structure that guides the process as you coach someone. Having this framework and a flow for a coaching session will help ensure you stay focused and better able to manage the coaching interaction. It also ensures all of the necessary steps are covered.



Coaching Models are typically comprised of the steps that are outlined by an easy to remember acronym.  Below is a series of popular coaching models that you can use to assist an individual in reaching his or her goals.

All these coaching models can help drive your conversation and lead to a productive coaching session.

Although this models are all different, they do have some fundamental commonalities. These models are centered on trust, questioning, and open communication. There focus is on the establishment of goals, exploration of options, and a plan of action to achieve those goals.

Coaching Models

GROW Coaching Model

G – Goal Setting

R – Reality

O – Options

W – What Action is Next



ACHIEVE Coaching Model

A – Assess the current situation

C – Creatively brainstorm alternatives

H – Hone goals

I – Initiate options

E – Evaluate options

V – Validate an action program design

E – Encourage momentum



FUEL model

F – Frame the conversation

U – Understand the current state

E – Explore the desired state

L – Lay out a success



OSKAR model

O – Outcome of coaching that is expected

S – Scaling the situation on a slide of 1 to 10

K – Know-how and resources available

A – Affirm plan and take action

R – Review what worked



CLEAR Coaching Model

C – Contracting

L – Listening

E – Exploring

A – Action

R – Review




S – Subject

T – Target

E – Emotion

P – Perception

P – Plan

P – Pace

A – Adapt or Act



S – State the Problem

O – Observe the Problem Resolved

L – List the Exceptions

V – Verify the Plan

E – Execute the Plan


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