Difference between Training and Education

Difference between Training and Education

Many people consider training and education the same, however they have several distinct differences. Training is the process of learning something with a goal of performing a specific skill or behavior.  Education, on the other hand, is the systematic process of learning something with a goal of acquiring knowledge.

In education, a person learns facts, concepts, and theories.  In training, a person learns how to apply those facts, concepts, and theories.



Education is the acquisition of knowledge through a process of receiving or giving instruction.

Training is the action of teaching or learning a skill or behavior.


About Training

Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge with the intent of developing a specific set of skills and/or behaviors.  Its purpose is to improve performance and productivity.

Training is commonly provided to employees of organizations shortly after being hired or when they change jobs within the organization.  These training programs can last several days or even several weeks. They are intended to help impart job-related skills and knowledge to employees so they can do the job efficiently and effectively.

Training can occur in a variety of settings including within a classroom, online, and/or “on the job.”



About Education

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge about facts, events, concepts, beliefs, or principles surrounding a topic(s).  It purpose is to help develop a sense of reasoning, understanding, judgement and intellect in an individual to make them capable of learning how to think and problem solve on their own.

Education is typically paid for by the individual and obtained prior to employment in the hope of acquiring a future job or advancing along in a career path.

Education is typically received at schools or universities, and occurs over an extended time frame, such as a semester or several years.  

Traditional education is mostly confined to classroom learning, however new methods of experimental learning that offer practical knowledge about the world are now being recommended.




Difference between Training and Education

Training – pursuit of ability

Education – pursuit of knowledge


Training – improves the performance and productivity

Education – develops a sense of reasoning and judgement


Training – gains particular skills

Education – gains theoretical information


Training – method of skill development

Education – method of gaining knowledge


Training – teaches specific tasks

Education – teaches general concepts


Training – practical application

Education – theoretical orientation


Training – short duration

Education – long duration


Training – narrow scope

Education – wide scope


Training – prepares for present job

Education – prepares for future job


Training – involves hands-on job experience

Education – involves learning in the classroom

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