VAK Learning Strategies

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VAK Learning Strategies 

VAK Learning strategies can be employed to enhance learning in various situations.  Depending on a person’s preferred learning style there are different actions a person can take to enhance his or her learning.

Below is a list of suggested activities and for each of the VAK :



Learn best by:

  • Creating their own strong visual links
  • Writing down key facts
  • Look at people when they talk
  • Creating a Mind Map
  • Visualizing what they are learning
  • Underlining/highlighting new information/key points
  • Creating pictures/diagrams from what they are learning
  • Using timelines and lists for remembering
  • Putting key points on to index cards and sorting them into order
  • Using pictures, diagrams, charts, film, video, graphics, etc




Learn best by:

  • Listening a seminar, presentation, or explanation
  • Recording a seminar
  • studying with a friend so that you can talk out loud and hear the information
  • Reciting out loud the things you want to remember
  • Making a tape of key points to listen
  • Verbally summarizing in their own words
  • Explaining the subject to someone else




Learn best by:

  • Getting physically and actively involved in their learning
  • Writing down key facts
  • Making models
  • Walking around while they read
  • walking around while reciting to yourself as they memorize facts
  • Underlining/highlighting new information/key points


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