Study Groups


Ensuring A Successful Study Group

The following are tips and strategies that help ensure a successful :

Study Groups


  • Choose a convenient, comfortable place with minimal distractions where the study group can meet.


  • Set topic ahead of time so everyone knows what will be discussed and they can prepare to discuss during the session.


  • Set time limits on how long you will meet so everyone will know what the expectation is and can ensure they are available the entire time.  


  • Be prepared and organized.  Make sure everyone in the group is prepared and organized.  



At the beginning

  • Set goals and activities for that session so there is agreement on what needs to be covered during the study group session
  • Ask for any other topics that may not be listed which should be discussed during the session.  Allow everyone to have input on what is to  be discussed.
  • Confirm time frame for session at the beginning of the session.  
  • Set blocks of time for each topic.  this way you will be able to discuss all the topics and not get bogged down with one or two topics.


During the session

  • Stay focused – set a limit on socializing
  • Stay on track with time frame to enable you to cover all necessary topics
  • Share ideas with all in the study group
  • Listen to others
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to participate
  • Review and discuss class notes and assigned readings
  • Raise questions and address areas of confusion


At the end of each meeting,

  • Summarize what was discussed
  • Determine the agenda for the next meeting (if possible)
  • Set a plan on who will follow up on specific issues/topics that need clarification
  • Confirm time and place for next meeting




  • During the week, follow up on questions and discussion through email, text, or phone calls.  


  • Report back to the group on topics covered
  • Discuss agenda for next meeting and modify the agenda accordingly



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