Performance Analysis Checklist

Performance Tri

Performance Analysis Checklist


Are goals or expectations set?

Are there guidelines by which to achieve them?

Have the goals and expectation been discussed with the Individual?

Does the individual understand the goals and expectations?

Are expectations too high?



Motivation / Desire

Does the individual have the motivation or desire to succeed?

Are there incentives in place that positively reinforce good performance?

Does the individual see the benefits for achieving goals?



Rewards and Recognition  

Are there proper rewards in place for good performance?

Are individuals being recognized for their performance?




Does the individual lack self confidence or self esteem?

Does the individual see the goals as achievable?

Is the individual focused on achieving the goals?

Are there issues distracting the individual?

Is the individual relaxed?

Does the individual feel pressure and stress?

Does the individual have the proper mind set to achieve goals?



Knowledge and Skill  

Does the individual have the information and expertise necessary to perform the job proficiently?

Does the individual have the skills and knowledge need to meet expectations?




Is the individual applying the skills correctly?




Has the process been analyzed to ensure efficiencies?

Are there inefficiencies in the process?




Are there external factors adversely affecting performance?

Is the environment conducive for peak performance?



Tools and supplies 

Are the proper tools and or supplies available?

Are the tools be utilized correctly and most efficiently?




Is the climate positive and supportive?




Are assessments being performed?

Are the right people making the assessments on performance?



Evaluation / Feedback   

Has the individual been given feedback on performance?

Does the individual understand the feedback?




Has the individual utilized the feedback to make adjustments?

Are adjustments being made?

Has performance change in positive way?



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