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The Best Advice I Ever Got

    The Best Advice I Ever Got     In the March 21, 2005 issue of Fortune Paul Vivek shared the “The Best Advice I Ever Got”   “The

Stuck in a Hole

    Coaching and Mentoring Stuck in a Hole     In an episode of The West Wing, the White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry tells Josh Lyman in

The Mexican Fisherman

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Stone soup

  Stone Soup There was once a village struck by famine and the people there were starving. Children ran around on spindly legs, and as for animals, their ribs were

New Year’s Resolution Strategies

    New Year’s Resolution Strategies   According to the University of Scranton: Journal of Clinical Psychology (Research Date: 1/1/2014), only eight (8%) percent of people are successful in achieving



Team building


Team building is the active process designed to improve productivity and build relationships by creating a climate that encourages and values the contributions of team members allowing the group to evolve into a cohesive unit and enabling them to reach their goals.


Teamwork is an integral part of today’s work, athletic, and educational environments.  In order for a team to be effective, each person on the team must have an understanding of what a team is and how the members of a team can work together to accomplish their goals.  Solid and effective teams not only share common objectives for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences and talents.  Good teamwork starts with good communication.  Good communications amongst team members is essential for building lasting relationships and team unity.


Team building is achieved by a variety of methods and approaches.  Most energy in team building is directed toward collaborating to solve problems, establishing trust, building relationships, and maximizing all members’ talents to achieve the team’s goals.  Other approaches can be taken to enhance task effectiveness, breakdown barriers, and open communications.


The team building process starts with creating a relaxed climate for open communication where there is interdependence among members who have developed a trust with each other and a willingness to contribute because they feel they are an important part of the unit.  The ultimate goal is to enhance personal responsibility and commitment to the team.




Skill Builder

It is important to develop teambuilding skills as well as an understanding of what makes a group of individuals work together for the good of the team in order to accomplish their goals.


Our development series provides the knowledge and skills necessary to build a group of individuals into a team.  We provide strategies for becoming a better team player and for maximizing the team effectiveness.  We also provide information to help individuals and teams understand the nature of group dynamics in regards to effective teamwork along with the techniques to motivate individuals, build relationships and team unity, and increase team effectiveness.


We provide tips and strategies on how to:

  • Encourage listening and open communication among team members
  • Encourage trust and cooperation among team members
  • Establish a climate of cooperation and collaborative
  • Establish level comfort
  • Establish common purpose
  • Motivated team members to achieve goals
  • Inspire creativity


Our Tool Box, provides tools such as behavioral styles assessment to determine your own personal style and approach, preference assessment to help recognize and understand others preferences, and other tools to help assess and build teams.



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